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Improve your business's activities by having Fox Security install effective Intrusion security to prevent burglary from happening.

Business's can have expensive equipment and merchandise that can be at risk if an intruder or a distraught employee has access. Fox Security has many different security options that are back by their 24/7 monitoring center to help prevent situations that can be unpleasant for business owners and their employees.

Fox Security has been protecting businesses for nearly 25 years and can assist your company by developing a customized security plan that is tailored towards your everyday operations and physical landscape.

All equipment installed by Fox Security has a 1-year warrantee on all parts and labor.

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What does basic commercial Intrusion security consist of?

What does basic commercial Intrusion security consist of?

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How can you add extra security to your business?

How can you add extra security to your business?

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Fox Security is delighted to have helped the Bay Area keep residents safe and secure for over 20 years. We value our customers and aim to satisfy them for the years to come. Request a free quote today and join our extensive list of satisfied customers!


Fox Security is pleased to help keep the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Nevadas free from theft and fire danger. If you live full time or have a vacation home, request a free quote and join the Fox Security family!

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