Top Tips to Enhance Property Management with Security System Features and Capabilities

Top Tips to Enhance Property Management with Security System Features and Capabilities

A property manager operates under the guidance of a property owner to ensure the property is maintained and operable. As any PM knows, the job is, from all perspectives, a monumental task. 

Fortunately, there are solutions that, when leveraged properly, can play a huge role in successful property management. 

Security technologies were created to protect against risks such as break-ins and vandalism, but because today’s technologies additionally provide a wide range of data and increased visibility, they can do much more to support property management efforts. 

Enhance Security and Reduce Risks Through Advanced Video Surveillance

Revolutionize the safeguarding of your property with cutting-edge video surveillance systems. Whether you oversee an array of real estate, from apartment complexes and co-ops to condominiums and multi-tenant billboard properties, surveillance technology redefines safety and security for your valuable assets.

  • Monitor common areas
  • Protect outdoor spaces 
  • Monitor for unsafe conditions
  • Ensure maintenance and other operations

State-of-the-art cameras offer comprehensive coverage, allowing you to vigilantly monitor crucial areas such as lobbies, entrances, hallways, public spaces, storage zones, and parking facilities. 

Incorporating property management security video surveillance adds an invaluable layer of protection, acting as an ever-watchful guardian in the face of potential threats. Moreover, it empowers you to swiftly alert law enforcement when suspicious activities are detected.

Leveraging Access Control Systems 

Implementing access control solutions allows building occupants to exercise precise control over the ingress and egress within the premises or distinct living spaces. Access control systems are typically integrated into interior and exterior access points, including doors, gates, and vehicle entrances, allowing you to observe and record individuals’ movements as they enter these locations.

Another valuable advantage of deploying access control solutions in your property management portfolio is the ability to exert and monitor stringent control over entry to the building, amenities, workspaces, and other confidential zones, thus safeguarding against unauthorized individuals gaining access.

  • Know when maintenance accesses equipment
  • Provide access to potential tenants for self-guided tours

Safety, Security, Control, and Oversight

Security technologies can be leveraged beyond pure security in property management.

  • Monitor Outbuildings 
  • Respond to environmental issues before they cause damage
  • Increase safety and security while decreasing costs 
  • Manage multiple properties at once
  • Increase efficiency 

Managing properties and maximizing profitability is difficult, but Fox Security makes it easy by enhancing your capabilities with advanced solutions. 

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